Dear Mr. President: Please Lead the 'New America' Opt-Out

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"Partition" (a preferable term to the baggage-laden "secession") is the only avenue to escape the inevitable (in author Michael Anton's words) "high taxes, higher costs, cratering standards of living, declining services, deteriorating infrastructure (and) worsening quality of life" accompanying a leftist takeover.

And the suggestion was here that partition must follow the same path as same-sex marriage and other radical leftist notions: "from anathema to mandate and impossibility to imperative" – only much faster.

Partition would have "to be spoken, then shouted – demanded – and commanded." Then, "not just speaking the unspeakable until it becomes conventional," adherents would have to "dispens(e) with niceties such as settled law and procedure," as leftists have done.

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