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The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out On Sunday

I have heard people say so often over the last two decades that if what I was saying was true the media would be reporting it. When you have worked inside the mainstream media and seen it at work from the other ‘side’ that statement threatens death by laughter.

The biggest suppressor of truth by journalists is not censorship, but sheer, undiluted ignorance of what is really happening in the world and how everything connects to a specific goal. Then comes censorship, which takes the form of both executive censorship and, by far the worst, self-censorship.

Mainstream journalists are not on the whole hired for their intelligence and knowledge of the world as it really is. They are hired as compliant repeaters of the official and corporate line. Report events within the strict parameters of ‘acceptable’ perception and you’ll do fine. You may even be seen to have ‘made it’ by getting your own show like former Israeli lobbyist, Wolf Blitzer, former CIA intern Anderson Cooper or pseudo-journalist Piers Morgan.

But expose conspiracies to destroy America, like Lou Dobbs, or, as with Amber Lyon, expose the outrages in a country like Bahrain which sponsors programming on your network, and one way or another the door comes into view …

… I remember watching some of Dobbs’ shows during speaking trips to the United States and wondering how long CNN would allow him to continue to call out the North American Union and other aspects of the Cabal agenda. Not for much longer was the answer and Dobbs announced in 2009 that he was resigning after a near 30-year career at the network.

The corporate media is structured in basically two ways. Mostly you have the pompous and delusional ‘quality journalism’ operations like CNN and the BBC which ludicrously claim to be impartially reporting events. Then, especially in the United States, you have apparent polarity ‘news’ stations like Fox News (‘The Right’) and MSNBC (‘The Left’) whose role it is to perpetuate the illusory ‘choice’ of two-party politics.

Fox supports the Republicans and MSNBC supports the Democrats, but the key point, of course, is that both support and promote the system in which ‘Republicans’ and ‘Democrats’, as with ‘Labour’ and ‘Conservative’ in the UK, are merely masks on the same face.

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