David Icke – Come On – Wake Up

Performed by,Plumbjam “Neworldorderdance” Written by Keith Twidale
Lyrics –
Lets all do the new world order dance , turn off your mind as the peadophiles advance,
wakey wakey wake up rise and shine , the gane is up its the end of the line
they aint no contrails they are chemtrails for sure , youve lost your mind and you are begging for more
your IQs down but your grades have gone up..they screw you blind and you dont give a F@ck
biological warfare
mind controling media
genetically modified foods
verse 2 lets all do the new world order dance , you think your brave but you are sh@ting your pants wakey wakey wake up rise and shine you are superseded its the end of the line our biosphere has been twisted and changed , its not your fault cos its all been arranged the carbon scam is a monumental lie , they screw you blind and they leave you to die bohemian grove world trade centre indoctrinating children bilderburgh
verse 3 avez vous the new world order dance , free energy is a forbiden advance wakey wakey cos its nearing the time to roll your sleeves up while you are standing in line. the h1n1 was designed in a lab , dont take the vaccines cos its time to get mad. the informations out there why cant you see? theyve got you brainwashed watching endless T.V its history repeating nazi propaganda reichstag fire invade!
verse 4
i see through the new world order dance , and i refuse to live my life in a trance.
wakey wakey cos its time to say no , so fu@k the bankers cos its time they should go
the teleprompters spew what leaders should say, this shit is written by their masters ok?
theyve got control of every party you see , no matter who you vote you will never be free
suppressed technology,
manufactured disease
the london tube bombings
step right up ladies and gentlemen , come and do the new world order dance.
its easy you dont have to think you just do what you are told , come and do the new world order dance
dont do as we do …do as we say…just sit back and enjoy the ride


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