Dating and Diapers . . .

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News Story Source: Eric Peters Autos
Zane writes:   

How has this Kung Flu affected your relationship? I get my girlfriend's argument to a point; her parents are 62 and 74, and they're afraid of this. That said, I refuse to Diaper and her attempts to persuade me fall on deaf ears like my logic and pointing out HCQ and Zinc could help. We've been dating for 13 months and now she brings this up, when we've done millions of things together and she's known this whole time I'm not gonna conform. More of a rant, but also curious how other readers relationships have been.

. . .

I was smiled upon the Motor Gods in that I met my girlfriend shortly before the weaponization of hypochondria, in late 2019. She is as militant as I am about not being pressured into joining a strange religious cult – and will not wear the Holy Vestment, nor receive the Holy Anointing . . . no matter what.

We are both absolutely committed to this, come what may – because much worse will co
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