Dancing With the Dolphins in Australia

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Feature Article by Frosty Wooldridge

"Let's cage ourselves and let the animals run free. Let's find new stars and new songs to follow. Let's build some foundations under our dreams. For if we have the prowess to destroy the earth, then we can surely save it." Steve Van Matre

Riding north of Perth, Australia proves sweaty work.

Temperatures quickly rise every morning over the rolling sands to top 110 degrees F daily. It's a lonely road with minimal traffic. All a touring bicycle rider can do—sing songs and count white lines that slip by too slowly. Port Hedland's is a dot on the map, too far away to imagine for weeks.

The highway winds along the Indian Ocean coastline, but a rider never sees the water. Of the few attractions in the guidebook, I wanted to see the Pinnacles of Cervantes. I turned west off the highway, but faced a 26 kilometer sandy road that wound along the coast. A dense growth of thicket grew beside the primitive trail. It took me the rest of the
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