Cruise Lines Say Bookings For 2021 Up 40% Despite Terrifying Series Of On-Board Outbreaks

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News Story Source: by Tyler Durden
 What they seem to be forgetting, in many cases, is that 50 million people died during the Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918 – marking a global disaster on a much grander scale even than COVID-19 – and, afterward, nothing really changed.

This of course doesn't guarantee that there won't be serious long-term disruptions to certain industries – if not the entire economy – this time around. For all we know, Tyler Cowen's dystopian vision of a New York City where those without COVID-19 'immunity' are relegated to a kind of permanent underclass might come to pass. However, it certainly doesn't seem likely.

And according to thousands of armchair analysts tweeting out their views and dozens of more refined professionals sharing their outlook on CNBC, if there's any industry that's going to need a rethink, it's going to be travel and leisure.

Experts have raised the possibility that nobody will go on cruises anymore, that th
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