Covid-19 Coronavirus Vaccine Could Kill 8-16 Times More Senior Americans…

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News Story Source:, By Bill Sardi
What would it be like if all 325 million Americans underwent vaccination against the newly mutated COVID-19 coronavirus, now being developed by a number of biotech companies?

Something good is coming out of this epidemic

The good thing that is coming out of a well-publicized infectious disease epidemic for which there is no vaccine, is the public can finally see what happens when no vaccine is available.  This analysis reveals most healthy people (non-smokers, non-diabetic, non-obese) have an onboard immune system that produces antibodies naturally without problematic provocation from pathogenic bacteria and viruses housed in a syringe and infused via needle injection.

Frightening error

An egregious and flagrant error in the news media that is frightening the public is to state the death rate from COVID-19 coronavirus is 2.3% to 3.4%.  The public thinks this is 2-4 people out of 100.

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