Courts and Congress will decide this election, not CNN

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News Story Source: Natural News – Ethan Huff
In an op-ed for Fox News, Ellis explained that mainstream media outlets like CNN do not – we repeat, do not – have the authority to decide election outcomes. That job is reserved for the legal system, which exists in this context to ensure that elections are fair and honest.

"We all want to know who will be president for the next four years," Ellis wrote. "But all Americans should want accurate results above all, no matter who they supported in the race."

Ellis' article comes as Trump's legal team continues to file lawsuit after lawsuit in key battleground states where election fraud appears to have handed Biden questionable victories over President Trump.

Witnesses with signed affidavits have come forward to reveal "voting irregularities" in states like Georgia and Wisconsin, both of which appear to be headed to a recount. Other states like Alaska, Nevada, and Arizona are also still in play.

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