Couple ambush and zip-tie ‘predator who had targeted their 13-year-old girl’…

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News Story Source:, ByAnna Verdon
A couple could be charged with assault for ambushing and zip-tying a 'predator' they believed was trying to meet their 13-year-old daughter for sex.

The Canadian pair recorded the moment they tackled the 28-year-old man and tied his hands behind his back with zip ties while making him lie face down on the floor.

But although they say they were trying to protect their child from the alleged predator – they could be charged with assault and forcible confinement.

In the footage posted on Facebook Live and obtained by CTV , the girl's mother can be heard shaming the man while filming him.

She says: "He comes to my house to meet my 13-year-old f****** daughter to f*** her.

"He wanted to be her first.

"We f****** tackled him, and zap strapped him and called the police."

The woman said she had asked the police to be there when the man arrived – but when they did not come she and her partner took matters into their own hands.

When the pol
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