CORONAVIRUS-19 What Is Really Going On?

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News Story Source: By Boyd D. Cathey
Yesterday I went for my usual visit, and the place was like a war zone: long lines, frantic women loaded down with toilet tissue (which was almost all gone from the shelves), hand sanitizer sold out, bread and soup in very short supply, and even store-bought water running low. As one store assistant—a long-time friend—told me: "This is worse than Hurricane Matthew or Fran, or maybe the last Winter blizzard we had!"

Such shortages don't affect me, since I live by myself (except for my handsome Cocker Spaniel), and I always keep a stock of necessary items on hand. (I learned that lesson back during the ravages of Hurricane Fran in 1996 when I was without power for eleven days!) But the extreme panic struck me.

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