How To Control Minds

Learn The Words And Phrases That Control The Thoughts Of Others

From the desk of Dantalion Jones

Dear Persuasion Enthusiast,

I think I can speak for most people when I say we would all want to have more. More money, more love, more respect, more power. Once we have that “more” we can then focus on the greater and more beautiful things in life.

It is getting that “more” that is the problem because to get what we want we have to be able to influence, inspire and seduce others into helping us. We need people to be on our side.

From an early age I knew that some people held the secrets of how to use the power of language to influence, inspire and seduce. With a few choice words I’ve seen people change in ways few could imagine.

With the right words people have been motivated to achieve, seduced into love and lifted from depression.

I’ve also seen the worst that words can do and I’ve made a point to learn them all.

My life has been dedicated to learning these secrets and they have been cataloged, sorted and sharpened to a razors edge. What I’ve seen and done using these skills have amazed me!

Do you think you could have more power, love, money and security if you learned how to use language to control peoples thoughts and actions?Mind Control Language Patterns

  Mind Control Language Patterns by Dantalion Jones, the author of
The Forbidden Book Of Getting What You Want” and
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Mind Control Language Patterns are spoken phrases that can act as “triggers” to the people who hear them. In short, they influence and control how we respond and cause us to be influenced to do things without our knowing.

These language patterns are not fantasies but are based on documented uses that come from, psychology, hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming and studies of human behavior.

Mind Control Language Patterns can be used to help and hurt.

One can use Mind Control Language Patterns to create positive and lasting change in people, as well as feelings of trust, love and affections.

They can also be used to induce amnesia, fear, insecurity and doubt. These types of patterns are what we call “dark” pattern.

Knowing how to use these Mind Control Language Patterns gives you incredible power. Not knowing these Mind Control Language Patterns takes the control out of your hands and places it into the hands of people who know their real power.

The book (not an ebook) will describe, explain and document the positive and negative use and application of these these Mind Control Language Patterns.

Here is the table of contents if Mind Control Language Patternsand what you’ll grab from each chapter.

  • The Mind Set of Persuasive Language PatternsYou’ll learn how to create an unstopple confidence by installing in your mind the powerful belief of real life expert in the field.
  • The Dual Reality PrincipleThis creates two realities. One person experiences what you do one way while everyone else sees it differently. This is a great way to be percieved as “magical”.
  • Taking Mind Control From the Laboratory to The StreetsYou’ll learn how to powerfully effect people in their everyday enviornment … without them suspecting a thing.
  • Providing and Deleting OptionsPeople only think they have a choice in important matter. This allows you the power to offer or remove the choices they have.
  • Using Your Voice To Control The Emotions of OthersHow you speak has as much an impact on people as what you say. You’ll discover how your voice can bring up love, fear, passion, acceptance and more… when you know how to use it.
  • Creating Another PersonalityMultiple Personality is not a myth. It happens to all of us every day. Learn how to create a powerful personality within someone that can take on a life of it’s own. You can do this in one telephone conversation.
  • Give Them Exactly What YOU WantQuite simply the easiest way to have someone empathize with you.
  • Taking People on a Time Travel Adventure By using language you can hypnotically so disorient their perseption of time that they think and feel as if they’ve always known you … even if you’ve just met.
  • Weaseling Into Peoples MindsLearn how to give hypnotic suggestion that no one will see as hypnotic suggestions.
  • The Language Pattern That Frightened PsychologistThis persuasive language pattern is so powerful that when it was first uncovered the psychology community tried to legislate who could learn it.
  • How To Compare Things So That You Always Get What You WantThere are always options. This is how you can describe only the options that you both like.
  • Getting To The “Core” Of Any Woman (or Man)Seriously, you WANT to learn how to touch any man or woman at their emotional center. You’ll be able to see them melt.
  • Doubt and Uncertainty PatternsDoubt is a very uncomfortable way to motivate and influence but it’s used all the time to make you change your men. You’ll learn how to systematically cause doubt and uncertainty.
  • How To Make Others Hear YOUR Voice in THEIR HeadsThe end result is that when they mentally talk to themselve they actually hear your voice as their voice of guidance.
  • How To Motivate People To Do ANYTHING You WantYou’ll learn how to grab someone by their emotional heart string and guide them anywhere.
  • How to Destroy Old Beliefs and Install New OnesI’ve used this pattern to cause people to believe me and follow everything I say.
  • How To Make Yourself The Instant ExpertThis will put you in the seat of authority.
  • How to Instantly Manipulate Your Social Status It doesn’t matter which side of the tracks you are from. With this pattern will elevate your social status to one of near royalty.
  • How To Control The Mind “Because” It’s EasyScientists discovered this pattern to be 80% effective because it employs a basic weakness in the human mind.
  • How To Make People CrazyWith this pattern you’ll learn how to cause people to doubt their own senses.
  • How To Open The Door To A Woman’s HeartI’ll leave how you’ll use this pattern to your imagination.
  • Why Ask For A Decision When You Can Tell Them What To Do?This is a whole new way of thinking about persuasion, you simple don’t allow people to think!
  • How to Induce a Hypnotic State In Less Than 30 SecondsYou’ll see their eyes glaze over as you finish this simple pattern.
  • Gorilla War LinguisticsWhen in a debate or argument you can use thesedirty warfare tactics that make people shut up and drop the subject.
  • The Most “Dark” Language Patterns AroundThis is sometimes refered to as “The Suicide Pattern” because it creates incredible feelings of dispare. It’s called “The Suicide Pattern” for a reason.
  • Techniques of Inducing AmnesiaImagine being able to instantly cause someone to forget your recent screw-up even it you just did it.

This is just the beginning.

Here is just an example:

One of the people I know who taught me some of these skills uses them to get everything he wants. He’s happy, he’s loved, he’s proud of what he’s accomplished and every time we meet he’s eager to tell me, or anyone, about the richness that life has to offer. He also wants everyone to know that they can have what they want too.

Some people will tell you that he’s a freak, an abnormally happy person, but his message is that he got it largely due to his hard work and knowledge of how the mind works. For him using Mind Control Language Patterns has become easy.

He has a less positive side too. He’s taken people aside and reminded them how much they haven’t really lived up what they could do and he makes a good point. We each may have started with an idea or ideal but we stopped and never finished it. There is something to be said about squarely facing your shortcomings. You may have shown an interest in this at one point in your life but how much have you really dedicated yourself to learning and using it.

For most people the answer is “Not much.”

When you’re faced with that reality it can really eat away at how you think of yourself. That’s a burden I don’t want you to ever face again.

It can be like we’ve really lost something. Lost a hope for our lives. By realizing that we haven’t lived up to what we could be most people are compelled to act. Compelled to do something… anything than feel the real burden and misery of losing control of life.

The one great comfort of all of this is that there is a solution that comes by just taking a few simple steps. One of them is making a decision to learn these skills by investing in a hold-in-your-hand book written by someone who wants the truth to be told. When you do that you know you’re doing something right.

Improving yourself is the one act no one can take away and it will be with you for the rest of your life.

When you do that the burden will be lifted. If you could imagine the freedom of having the time to enjoy the things that you want, take vacations and participate in the social activities you’ve always loved, that’s what you’ll have for yourself by becoming a life long student of these skills.

Over the years I’ve spent over $60,000 in books, courses and seminars learning these skills. Plus I’ve taken to the streets to test it out on my own so you should recognize right now why the cost of $22.95 isn’t a bargain…it’s a steal.

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PS, Sure, you could wait to get Mind Control Language Patterns. It’s easy to think “maybe later”. In spite of the fact you might feel compelled to get it now, you might be hesitating. But life is short and every moment is precious. I say that because… how many times are you going to see a full moon? Maybe 10, maybe 50? Maybe more, maybe less.

How many times will you remember the face of that person who effected your life so powerfully? Five times or maybe 500.

We just don’t know.

Every moment is precious and moments pass by that we’ll never have a chance to relive.

This moment is a time to act.

PPS, I’ve also included a smaller book called “The Book Of Forgetting” that is part of Mind Control Language Patterns. “The Book of Forgetting” is about the various ways to create amnesia. The Book of Forgetting is a work I started several years ago when I began to think about the scary things one could do with these skills. Perhaps the worst is to make it so one does not trust their own memory, and by extention their own mind. That said there are some positive benefits in learning how to forget and I cover that too.


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