Control Is An Addiction

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Feature Article by Paul Rosenberg
Lord Acton wrote that power tends to corrupt, but I'm going to say flat out that it does corrupt. I'll go further and say that it's an addiction (probably every bit as bad as cocaine), and that the lust for control is one of its primary drivers.

Right now, with big governments – governments with gigantic intelligence operations – trying to grab ever-more surveillance powers, I want everyone to be clear on this. And so I'm going to give you reasons to believe it. Yes, we all feel in our guts that this is true, but I'm going to give you further reasons, because we've also been conditioned to conform to power.

With the world on fire and with power freaks at the helm, we no longer have the luxury of doing it the easy way and imagining that power will be kind to us in the end. It's clear enough that power isn't our friend, and in truth it never really was.

So, let's get directly to it. Here's a passage from a 2014 interview with
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