Continental Reinvents The EV Wheel

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News Story Source:, by Christopher Smith
Continental says the design optimizes braking for electric vehicles by reducing weight, while eliminating poor braking performance from traditional brake rotors that can be subject to corrosion. It would also reduce maintenance costs because the aluminum disc is designed to last the life of the car.

Basically, the inner star section attaches to the hub, with the wheel brake fastened to the wheel carrier of the axle. The brake engages the disc from the inside, allowing for a wider friction radius. With the lightweight design, the car uses less energy to accelerate and maintain speed, thus increasing range. Since EVs use regenerative braking, physical brake components are subject to less wear. As such, the aluminum disc will last the life of the car, with the only wear items being the brake pads.

Continental says it designed its New Wheel Concept for medium and compact-class vehicles, and that the design was deemed "sturdy and fulfills all the established criteria" for th
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