Conservatives And Christians Need To Apologize To Bill Clinton And Barack Obama

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Opinion Column by Chuck Baldwin
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For 16 years, conservatives and Christians railed against presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton for the way they exploded the size of government (Obama), ran roughshod over the Constitution (Clinton & Obama), waged unjust foreign wars (Clinton & Obama), tried to enact more gun control (Obama & Clinton), signed bills that funded the largest abortion provider in America—Planned Parenthood—(Obama & Clinton), and for living immorally (Clinton).

But now Donald Trump is doing the EXACT same things in spades, and most conservatives and Christians are not only NOT railing against him, they are actually defending him.

Donald Trump is exploding the size of deficit spending like no President before him. For example, after Ronald Reagan became the first President to grow the federal deficit to over $1 trillion, Clinton busted the trillion dollar deficit mark in four years, and Obama busted the trillion
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