Congress Says "No" To War With Iran

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Opinion Column by Chuck Baldwin

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Following up on my column last week, Perpetual War: A Racket For Politicians, Bankers, And War Profiteers, I wrote this on my Facebook page on Monday, Memorial Day:

If we truly want to support our troops and honor our men and women in uniform, we would stop requiring them to have their limbs blown off, their bodies paralyzed, their eyes blinded, their minds destroyed and their lives lost for wars that have NOTHING to do with protecting America and EVERYTHING to do with enriching globalists, bankers, politicians, and war profiteers. We would stop using them for political nation-building, regime change and drug dealing. We would stop using them as global cops. And we would especially stop using them to fight perpetual wars of aggression for Zionist Israel.

Short of the above, all of the hype about "supporting our troops" is just s
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