CNN/Facebook Conspiracy Against Truth-Telling

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
CNN/Facebook Conspiracy Against Truth-Telling

by Stephen Lendman

Censorship is the new normal in America – speech, independent media, and academic freedoms threatened.

What's going on is the hallmark of totalitarian rule – controlling the message, eliminating what conflicts with the official narrative, notably on major geopolitical issues, especially anything about Russia and other sovereign states targeted by the US for regime change.

CNN is the most untrustworthy name in television – featuring round-the-clock managed news misinformation and disinformation rubbish, masquerading as news.

Like Twitter and other anti-social media, Facebook is a censoring machine, at war on truth-telling, complicit with the imperial state, flagrantly violating First Amendment rights, unaccountable for its actions.

I experienced its venom firsthand.  Earlier my FB page was deleted for weeks for refusing to remove truth-telling content. Articles and c
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