Clot shot "vaccines" create BOOM in blood clot removal industry

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News Story Source: Natural News – S D Wells
(Natural News) An arterial embolism is a deep blood clot that requires hospitalization and costs about $100,000 or more because it requires bypass surgery. There is an entirely NEW revenue model from blood clots caused by the COVID "vaccines," and Big Pharma companies are not only taking advantage of the profit scheme, but may have known it was coming before the "clot shots" were even rushed out "emergency" style.

One company, for example, Royal Philips, has expanded significantly into the market of PMT devices (percutaneous mechanical thrombectomy) for removing clots from peripheral and coronary vessels, and their massive "investments" began in August of 2020, right before the "pandemic" hit, including the mad, mad rush to get "vaccinated" for Wuhan Flu. Coincidence?

Did Royal Philips, a global health tech company, know in advance that COVID "vaccines" cause blood clots when they invested heavily in PMT in 202
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