Clinton, Omar, the Squad and Democrats

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News Story Source: by Dave Hodges
 miss the late Josh Coy and think about him often. He was exactly what the Truth Movement needed. He was young, bright, funny and very knowledgeable and passionate about fighting back against the extreme Leftist, Deep State that is in the process of overthrowing our government and destroying our culture. The Truth movement lacks a number of quality young people. This fact alone highlights why Josh is missed so much as we need quality young adults to step up and lead the charge against this tyranny. 

Before Josh's passing, we did a landmark interview on the resurgence of FEMA camps that had taken place near the end of the Obama administration. The obvious presumption was that Hillary would be elected and she would carry out her pre-designed reign of terror. In fact, Hillary even joked about carrying out the FEMA camp objective in the 2016 campaign. When she was being assailed for her criminal behavior, she replied "..people need to relax and go to a fun camp..&quot
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