Circular garden makes growing veggies indoors even easier than before

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Living in a crowded inner city means that many residents don't have a garden of their own, so are unable to grow their own fruit and veggies. We've seen a number of indoor growing innovations – including Windowfarms and the Grobo – but last year's OGarden was a little different, growing plants in a rotating wheel with a light at its center. The design has now been updated, resulting in the OGarden Smart.

New to the Smart design is automatic watering from tanks housed in the base, with those tanks holding roughly 10 days of water and a warning system notifying users when reserves are running low. Low energy LED lighting at the heart of the device should make for relatively inexpensive indoor gardening throughout the year. This latest model is also reported to be slimmer – at 53 x 29 x 15 inches (134.6 x 73.65 x 38.1 cm) – and easier to use than the original. And the whole shebang draws only 120 W of power.

Indoor gardening with the OGarden Smart
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