Church and Gnosis

Church and Gnosis – A Study of Christian Thought and Speculation in the Second Century

Francis Crawford Burkitt (1864-1935) was a prominent theologian and biblical scholar. Originally published in 1932, this book contains the substance of five lectures delivered by Burkitt during October 1931 at Union Theological Seminary, New York, as the Morse Lectures for that year. Various aspects of the relationship between Church doctrine and gnostic thought are discussed, providing a highly informative analysis of a complicated topic. Rigorous and thought-provoking, this text will be of value to anyone with an interest in the early development of Christianity and biblical scholarship in general.


Chapter 1 – Introduction
Primitive Christian Beliefs
The Problem of the Old Testament

Chapter 2 – Philosophical Gnosticism
The Two kinds of Gnostic Lore
The Barbelo-Gnostics
Note on the Name Barbelo

Chapter 3 – Egyptian Gnostic Works
Pistis Sophia
God troubling himself about man
The Books of Jeu
Basilides and Abrasax

Chapter 4 – The Fourth Gospel: Mandaism and Christianity
The Fourth Gospel and John the Baptist
The Mandaeans
Not on the phrase Manda d’Hayye

Chapter 5 – The Church and the Old Testament



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