Chinese Lockdowns Expand, Raising More Questions About Beijing’s Motives For Shutting Down

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News Story Source:, by QTR’s Fringe Fin
Days ago, I wrote about suspicions I had about China's latest round of Covid lockdowns. In that piece, I drew the conclusion that the country's "Covid Zero" plan is irrational and egregious, and that China's lockdowns may have to do with something more than Covid.

The three scenarios I floated for the potential reason China was "overshooting the mark" with its draconian lockdowns were:

The CCP may be trying to usurp more power

There may be something about Covid that China knows that the rest of the world still doesn't know

China is looking for an excuse to slow its production to put pressure on the Western world at a time when it is trying to separate further, economically, from the West

Today, I'm leaning toward reason number three. That's because as of this past weekend, China is now expanding its lockdowns further across the country. Oh, and did I mentioned that China's top oil and gas producer has also all of
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