China Ready to Help Venezuela Restore Electricity System

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News Story Source: Sputnik News
This comes after Venezuelan President Maduro said he would request China, Russia, Cuba and Iran, as well as the UN, to probe a recent attack on the country's power grids that left the country's vast territories without electricity for several days.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has voiced Beijing's readiness to help Venezuela restore its energy supply system.

At the same time, according to a statement made by Venezuelan Minister of Communication and Information Jorge Rodriguez on Tuesday, operation of the country's power grids has almost fully resumed throughout the country, which had experienced a blackout for five days.

While Caracas blames the US and the Western-backed opposition for the "sabotage" of the electricity system, President Nicolas Maduro has also announced he would ask the United Nations, Russia China, Cuba and Iran to probe the reasons behind the cyberattack on the energy
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