Check Out This Amazing Tesla Cyber Roadster: Future Meets Past

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News Story Source: by EVANNEX
Cybertruck has created quite a stir in the design community. We've seen Cybertruck replicas popping up all over the world. We've even seen a cool attempt at a Cyberbike! Tesla's design team even created a "little cousin" of sorts with a new ATV. So what if someone reimagined the Tesla's much-anticipated Roadster with influences from the Cybertruck?

These pics of the Tesla Cyber Roadster were posted on Reddit recently by u/AdamMoonlight but the original artist appears to be unknown. That said, the Tesla community flooded the post with 'upvotes' in approval of the irreverent design. 

The extra-large frunk, triangular side windows, and large wheels might not be as aerodynamic as the Cybertruck but it's still clear where the concept gets its influences from — let's just hope the glass is shatter-proof.

Nevertheless, the design also&nbs
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