Chapter 7: David and Frosty’s Excellent Adventure–Bicycling the Continental Divide

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Feature Article by Frosty Wooldridge
"When you're pedaling down the road on a bicycle, your legs allow you an intimate connection with the landscape. Your eyes focus on beauty, colors and flowers. Emerson said, "God laughs in flowers." On a bike ride, your eyes waltz across the dance floor enjoying those subtle touches offered by the wilderness. You enjoy the tapestry of sounds, the elegance of colors, and the sense of becoming a part of it with every cell in your body. Your nostrils breathe in not only fresh air, but sheer energy that fuels your flight. There's a million things that happen to you on a bicycle ride through the natural world. Every sense of your being comes alive. On all my tours around the world, I've never met an unhappy cyclist. No matter the troubles of the planet, THAT person riding THAT bike enjoys THAT moment as if the world is breaking someone else's heart, but not his or hers. So this day, pedal your bike into the joys of life, the energy of life, the beauty of
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