Chapter 13: David & Frosty's Excellent Adventure–Bicycling the Continental Divide

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Feature Article by Frosty Wooldridge
"Why bicycle touring?  Good question.  Most cannot understand it. Most wouldn't try it.  Out of 330 million people in the USA, only 60,000 people belong to Adventure Cycling Association as they follow riders from around the world telling their stories of bicycle conquest.

As a veteran cyclist, I cannot imagine a better way to enjoy an intimate relationship with the life and people of a region.  A stranger may tell me to take a certain road to a delightful swimming hole.  Another stranger might turn me on to a wonderful bistro with local cuisine.  Still others might invite me into their house for the evening.

On a bike, you experience the world differently than someone in a car, train or tour bus, screaming down the highway at 70 mph.  Instead, you're riding under your own power.  You are face to face with Nature. You live a spontaneous life beyond most peoples' imaginations.&n
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