Censorship? BitChute deplatformed on Election Day

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News Story Source: Natural News – Ramon Tomey
(Natural News) The independent BitChute video streaming platform was taken offline by its hosting service this morning, leaving behind no content other than an ominous "Error 525" message.

While BitChute access appears to have been restored as of this writing, at least partially, users earlier in the day were unable to find any of the independent content that used to be there, and very little is known at this point about what happened.

Interestingly, BitChute has long branded itself as avoiding the types of corporate web hosting platforms that engage in what some are speculating to be a form of political censorship. So was this all just a fluke?

"It looks like we've been deplatformed on some critical infrastructure that has taken the site offline," BitChute announced in a tweet early in the day on Nov. 3.

"We're trying to speak to people and find out more before saying more than that. So far we have received some very general account termina
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