CDC, FEMA Have Created Plan To Reopen America. Here's The Projected Start Date And Phases.

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News Story Source:, By Ryan Saavedra
"CDC and FEMA officials have worked on the public health response for at least the past week, and the resulting document has been discussed at the White House, including by members of the coronavirus task force," The Washington Post reported. "The version obtained by The Post appears to be an early draft by FEMA and contains granular instructions for a phased reopening of institutions such as schools, child-care facilities, summer camps, parks, faith-based organizations and restaurants."

The plan essentially starts now with the goal that communities can start to be reopened on May 1.

A White House official told The Washington Post: "Beneath the bluster of the president saying May 1, and he's in charge, and all the other things, there are real efforts to figure out how we could safely and actually do this."

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