CDC: 3,150 of First 112,807 Recipients of Pfizer Vaccine Were Left …

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News Story Source:, Anti-Empire
That's only after the first shot

The Wall Street Journal:

Of 112,807 vaccine recipients registered in a vaccine-safety surveillance system as of Friday, 3,150 reported symptoms after vaccination that made them unable to perform daily activities or work. Most didn't require medical care, Dr. Clark said, adding that the CDC is studying the reports for more details.

Apparently the Moderna concoction is even worse but is being given the go-ahead anyway:

The ACIP endorsed the use of the Moderna vaccine in people 18 years and older on Saturday, with panel members saying that the benefits of inoculation outweighed the risks, given thousands of deaths occurring daily in the U.S., and that recommendations would be updated as more was learned about both Covid-19 and vaccines used against it. The panel, which advises the CDC, voted 11-0 to recommend use of the vaccine, with three members recusing themselves due to conflicts.

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