Uncle Volodya says, “A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep. “

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It’s up to you how you wanna live: go out and have your fun
You don’t wanna be a fugitive from the things you never done;
Ain’t nobody gonna throw you a bone, to keep your hopes alive:
You got to walk like a big dog, baby, ’cause only the strong survive
Roll of the dice, put ‘em in motion
Where they stop, nobody knows
Just a roll of the dice ~ ain’t nothin’ for certain
But if you feel lucky….go ahead and roll them bones
~ From “Roll of the Dice”, by The Fabulous Thunderbirds
The west plainly does not like its chances in the event that it confronts Russia militarily in the Crimea. So it is going to settle, for the moment, for making the presence of Russian troops look like a massive invasion that has left poor, decent Ukraine violated and sobbing with its skirts shredded around its thighs, just as democracy was about to flower. 
Don’t you believe it.
As a classic of disinformation, it’s hard to beat the work of professional obfuscators, and the BBC does not disappoint. Its maundering “Moscow’s Ukraine Gamble“ is a best-of-British effort to wrench things back on track to where the west dictates to Russia rather than the other way round.
Before we dig into it, let’s start from an anchor point few are exploring
~ The present government in Ukraine is illegal and illegitimate.
Thanks to Natalie at Fluent Historian and a handful of other sites like Moon of Alabama, it is clear that the Patronage-Seats-to-the-Revolutionary-Soldiers “transitional Government” in Kiev did not come anywhere near following the rules to impeach Yanukovych, and he is consequently still the legal and elected President of Ukraine. 
Therefore any moves by the current McGovernment in Kiev to make bold decisions like signing the EU Association Agreement before the Presidential elections take place are null and void and no international body should be so foolish as to accept them as legally binding.
Well, let’s take a look at it. This, we learned, is in many ways like the last time Russia launched a brutal invasion ~ against peaceful Georgia, in 2008. They don’t come straight out and say it exactly like that; instead drawing the comparison and leaving you to conclude both actions were unprovoked invasions. The west, they say, was left largely on the sidelines in both instances. 
Is that so? Ha, ha; no. 
In both cases the west was fully involved beforehand, stroking and cuddling with the leaders and urging them on, which in Georgia’s case was sufficient to convince the sociopath Saakashvili that the west would ride to support him if he only got the ball rolling. In this case, too, the glorious revolutionaries who have awarded themselves plum postings in Kiev also appealed to NATO right away, perhaps believing the rush of billing and cooing from Foreign Ministers, diplomats, U.S. State Department officials and EU bigwigs to coax the revolution in to being and support its objectives so vociferously in the press constituted a promise to send in the tanks should their shooting their mouths off result in Russia throwing a beer in their face.
There can be little doubt that western and EU elites encouraged this from a long time back.
When they were still sure that Yanukovych was caught between a rock and a hard place and would sign the association agreement even though it meant freeing and pardoning Tymoshenko, the west growled at Russia like a dog with a bone between its paws, and made a lot of high-minded freedom-to-decide statements to the effect that sovereign nations must be left free from interference to make their own decisions, and that anything, anything Russia did that might affect that, even to musing that it might have to impose tariffs on some Ukrainian products in order to discourage dumping of products the EU would not buy would constitute bullying, and that if Russia knew what was good for it, it would just be supportive or else the EU and USA would find ways of punishing it for its reluctance to accept the new world order.
Well. Then Yanukovych executed a complete reversal, squibbed the agreement and threw it in the trash, and went to Moscow to strike a better deal, which he did in very short order.
This was nothing more than a sovereign nation making its own decision,but right away the western elites swung into action to undermine, sabotage and ultimately re-reverse it.
Which brings us to the deployment of an augmentation of Russian troops to the Crimea, and widespread pro-Russia revolt throughout the East and South of Ukraine proper, while the Transition Circus Troupe in Kiev squeals belatedly for unity. 
The whole thing, according to the Beeb, is a battle of wills between Moscow and Kiev (in which the USA and EU are apparently uninvolved and blameless) which could turn into a civil war in Ukraine. 
Why, yes; it might. Whose fault is that? 
Are you kidding me?
But the west so saw it coming, because Russia’s moves were all right out of the “post-Soviet play-book”.
Just as if the west has not engineered a series of regime changes in quick succession, using the “Regime-Change Play-Book”.
Seize on an incident,
blow it out of proportion and
cast it as a rebel group struggling for freedom against an apocalyptic dictator,
promise the support of all those who love freedom
while reminding all those people that freedom isn’t free
and it is their duty to help their brothers achieve it,
demonize the government beyond all recognition and
blithely make up incidents of it firing into crowds of peaceful protesters,
announce the invocation of the Right to Protect Civilians and
the imposition of humanitarian corridors
~ which coincide with all the government’s possible defensive moves ~
for the purpose of evacuating fleeing civilians and
then let mission creep do the rest.
Badda-bing, badda-boom, new leader, new government, move on.
And now, although he has stuck to the letter of the law thus far and even gone along with all the ridiculous artificial anchors the west has attempted to tie to his legs, Putin “risks losing all that goodwill” if he will not withdraw his forces and leave the Crimea to the tender mercies of the phony government in Kiev, so that they can deliver a complete trussed package to the EU. Because if he doesn’t, the EU might, you know, find its oil and gas supplies somewhere else. Just sayin’.
Tell you what; you do that, Sunshine.
Anybody believe Russia has brought in additional forces until the total in the region surpasses 25,000 troops (remember, we’re just talking Russian forces; the some 50,000 troops loyal to the Crimean Autonomous Region do not count), 161 aircraft and 388 warships? Oh, wait; do Ukrainian navy ships which have deserted and gone over to Russia count against their total?
I was being sarcastic ~ the total strength of the Russian navy including auxiliaries and submarines is less than 388 warships.
But wait; here comes my favourite part.
“Any economic solution must draw in international financial institutions and Western governments too. That is going to involve some kind of partnership with Moscow and there is not currently going to be much good will towards the Kremlin.”
Got that? If Moscow does not immediately stop this fannying about, which is impeding the global recognition of an illegal and illegitimate government imposed by a violent coup, Moscow might not be invited to contribute financially to the goal of a united and Russia-intolerant Ukraine as an EU and NATO member!!
I have to stop here, because I can’t go on. I’m speechless.

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What 10-Baggers (and 100-Baggers) Look Like

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Feature Article by Jeff Clark
Now that it appears clear the bottom is in for gold, it’s time to stop fretting about how low prices will drop and how long the correction will last—and start looking at how high they’ll go and when they’ll get there.

When viewing the gold market from a historical perspective, one thing that’s clear is that the junior mining stocks tend to fluctuate between extreme boom and bust cycles. As a group, they’ll double in price, then crash by 75%… then double or triple or even quadruple again, only to crash 90%. Boom, bust, repeat.
Given that we just completed a major bust cycle—and not just any bust cycle, but one of the harshest on record, according to many veteran insiders—the setup for a major rally in gold stocks is right in front of us.
This may sound sensationalistic, but based on past historical patterns and where we think gold prices are headed, the odds are high that, on average, gold producers will trade in the $200 per share range before the next cycle is over. With most o
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Big Lies Drown Out Truth

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Big Lies Drown Out Truth
by Stephen Lendman

Propaganda war on Russia rages. It exceeds the worst of Cold War bluster.

Scurrilous reporting is featured. Media scoundrels scream Russian aggression. Putin is outrageously compared to Hitler.

Hypocrisy is shameless. It’s shocking. It’s disgusting. Western-supported neo-Nazi putschists usurped power in Kiev.
It was the most brazen post-WW II coup. Legitimate Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was blamed for their crimes. They continue. They’re ignored.
Headlines call them democrats. Incendiary conditions exist. Open conflict is threatened.

Right Sector leader Dmitry Yarosh is unapologetically fascist. “I’ll be fighting Jews and Russians til I die,” he said.

He has presidential aspirations. He’ll run to head Ukraine in so-called May elections. They’ll be farcical when held. They’ll be illegitimate.

Russia issued an international arrest warrant for Yarosh. He publicly supports terrorism. According to Russia’
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James Lee, Contributor
Waking Times

February 18, 2014

To state the obvious, the weather around the globe keeps getting more and more intense everywhere. It is getting much colder in some regions and much hotter in others.

It is simultaneously both global warming and global cooling.
Record highs, record lows, record heat, record cold. Record swings in temperature changes, record droughts and record rains and record snows. And no one in global power mentions a word about the freaky weather affecting all, which should not surprise anyone paying attention because they don’t talk of the continuing disaster that is Fukushima or the nearly daily gas spills and oil leaks going on across the United States.

Ed Noor: The first blizzard of 2014 brought feet of snow across the Northeast and teeth-chattering temperatures across the Northern Plains.

England is having the greatest flooding it has ever experienced in 265 years. Recently Scotland was shut down with winds reaching 135 mph while the greatest typhoon in Indonesia destroyed swaths of the Philippines last fall.

The Eastern half of the United States is getting hammered once again this week with crippling snow and unprecedented paralyzing ice storms. This past December there was a record difference in temperature variant of 117 degrees from New Hampshire to Florida.

Ed Noor: This cow has collapsed from lack of water. Nope, we are not in Africa where the brown people were starved off their lands; we are looking at California, the once verdant West Coast, bastion of health and all that is golden, now ravaged by Fukushima and geoengineering. This does not have to be the case, dear Reader.

California has never seen such a continued dry period since ~ well ever and they are the number one producer of agriculture in the United States, while 100,000 cattle were lost to another unprecedented flash freeze event in North Dakota. Cattlemen in California are purging their yearling stocks due to lack of water and grazing grass. For the short-term beef prices will be stable but come summer we will see another dramatic increase in prices for years to come.

No leader in power is talking about the coming food crisis coming this summer and beyond, due to the lack of water in California.

California is the “bread basket” of food produce and farmers will be cutting back severely on planting in the upcoming growing season.

Governor “Moonbeam” Brown has so far refused to declare a Stage I  water emergency because the out-of-state owners of the fracking companies, who are outbidding farmers 3-1 for water supplies, need to keep fracking to pick up the slack caused by delays and shut downs across the rest of the country’s frackers. Because of this unexpected shortage, natural gas prices have increased some 60% in just a few months after our President declared this country to be the heading towards energy independence.

Ed Noor: Australia experienced the hottest spring on record and on January 2, 2014 South Australian temperature were in excess of 120 degrees (F). 

Australia and Argentina are literally burning up with continual record high temperatures along with Alaska. During the Australian Open Tennis Championships the weather hit 109 degrees for three days followed by three days of 70 degree temperature and a record number of contestants dropped out rather than bake on the tennis hard courts.

We continue to rip out the lungs of the Earth in the Amazon rain forests while treating this planet as solely a supply house and a sewer for our global waste products. Nature balances ~ that’s what she does when she gets out of rhythm. She is purging her system of the virus that is affecting her like we do when we have the flu. She is shivering and she is sweating and she is aching, all due to our incessant need to consume.

It is climate chaos, being greatly aided by the geo-engineering of weather by climate scientists attempting to cool down the Arctic up North to keep deadly methane gases from their accelerated releases from the newly exposed tundra. As Dane Wiggington of Geo-engineeringwatch.orghas stated, 

“There is no normal weather anymore”. 

It is all manipulated through intense regular chemtrail spraying and HAARP technology to steer weather around the planet.

This is where the biggest game of all is being played out that is causing much of the global weather weirding we are all experiencing.


Though you will not hear about it on your corporate nightly news simply because there is zero benefit for corporations to inform us, there is a desperate all-out attempt that is being conducted night and day, 24/7, to use chemtrail spraying and HAARP heat ray guns (see below) to re-cover the Arctic with snow and ice so that the massive amounts of methane gas pools that are now seeping out refreeze once again.
For over one million years trapped methane gas has stayed frozen but now significant melting ice sheets has caused the tundra to become exposed in the Arctic with accompanying released pools of methane gas releases occurring in wider swaths of the Northernmost regions.

Just recently the U.S. Navy released an extensive report that the Arctic could very well be ice-free by 2016, some 84 years ahead of most other climate models.  (Source) 

Previously, an exhaustive EPA study was conducted in 2008 which found methane gas releases were an astounding 50% higher than previous estimates due to fracking and ~ wait for it ~ cow flatulence increases:

“The study estimates that in 2008, the U.S. poured 49 million tons of methane into the air. That means U.S. methane emissions trapped about as much heat as all the carbon dioxide pollution coming from cars, trucks, and planes in the country in six months.

That’s more than the 32 million tons estimated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Administration or the nearly 29 million tons reckoned by the European Commission. This study, however, was based on nearly 13,000 measurements from airplane flights and tall towers, the most used in any such research.

“Something is very much off in the inventories,” said study co-author Anna Michalak, an Earth scientist at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Stanford, Calif. ‘The total U.S. impact on the world’s energy budget is different than we thought, and it’s worse.’”

What those failing to acknowledge is the increased methane gas releases are coming down from the Arctic. A new study was conducted in 2012 but the findings have yet to be released by the EPA.” (Source)

Methane gas contains 20 times more CO2 than other greenhouse gases and scientists have been extremely concerned about the acceleration of releases since 2007 to the point where greenhouse gases coming from the Arctic alone make up 10% of the total releases in North America today. Yet that is nothing compared to what is in store for us all if the melting in the North continues along its current trajectory.

In the atmosphere, methane is a greenhouse gas that, on a relatively short-term time scale, is far more destructive than carbon dioxide (CO2). 

It is 23 times as powerful as CO2 per molecule on a 100-year timescale, 105 times more potent when it comes to heating the planet on a 20-year timescale ~ and the Arctic permafrost, onshore and off, is packed with the stuff.

“The seabed,” says Wadham, “is offshore permafrost, but is now warming and melting. We are now seeing great plumes of methane bubbling up in the Siberian Sea… millions of square miles where methane cover is being released.” 

While the human body is potentially capable of handling a six to nine degree Celsius rise in the planetary temperature, the crops and habitat we use for food production are not. As scientist Guy McPherson of Nature Bats Lastputs it,

“If we see a 3.5 to 4C baseline increase, I see no way to have habitat. We are at .85C above baseline and we’ve already triggered all these self-reinforcing feedback loops.”

He adds:

“All the evidence points to a locked-in 3.5 to 5 degree C global temperature rise above the 1850 ‘norm’ by mid-century, possibly much sooner. This guarantees a positive feedback, already underway, leading to 4.5 to 6 or more degrees above ‘norm’ and that is a level lethal to life. This is partly due to the fact that humans have to eat and plants can’t adapt fast enough to make that possible for the seven to nine billion of us ~ so we’ll die.” 

So science and technology have decided they are going to solve this planetary problem by using massive amounts of chemtrail spraying and HAARP technologies in a desperate attempt to keep the remaining methane gases sealed or at least held in check. 

ED Noor: A warming Arctic is losing its cover fast. 

The term the government scientists use to modify the weather with aircraft is “Solar Radiation Managing” (SRM). They now fear that if they stop the spraying we will immediately go to a hyper heated planet.

The Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warns that, despite global side effects and long-term consequences, geo-engineering techniques involving solar radiation management (SRM) should be maintained:

“If SRM were terminated for any reason, there is high confidence that global surface temperatures would rise very rapidly to values consistent with the greenhouse gas forcing.” (Source) 

Solar radiation management comprises various techniques aimed at reflecting or diverting solar radiation back into space, essentially increasing the planet’s albedo (reflectivity). Solar radiation management has “three essential characteristics,” notes the International Risk Governance Council (IRGC), “It is cheap, fast and imperfect.” Citing geo-engineering activist, David Keith, the IRGC explains that by injecting 13,000 tons of sulphate aerosol into the stratosphere on a daily basis, they would offset the radiative effects of a doubling of atmospheric CO2 concentrations. This compares to having to remove “225 million tons per day of CO2 from the atmosphere for 25 years.”

“Block the sun but continue to spew billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere,” is how Eli Kintisch characterizes SRM in his 2010 book, Hack the Planet. 

In a world run by sanity, we would forego fossil fuels for free and abundant solar energy, coupled with Tesla’s development of free electricity, to meet the world’s energy needs, without destroying our nest by extracting and burning fossil fuels.

Several bills have recently been introduced into Congress to legalize to modify the weather at will. 

S. 517: Weather Modification Research and Development Policy Authorization Act of 2005  in it stated:  “(1) interdisciplinary research and coordination of research and activities to improve understanding of processes relating to weather modification, including cloud modeling, cloud seeding, improving forecast and decision-making technologies, related severe weather research, and potential adverse affects of weather modification” (Source) 

The geo-engineers are also using HAARP technology to steer winter weather coming in from the Pacific Oceans off California and attempting to steer the storms up into and above Alaska. Unfortunately they are only making things worse ~ lot worse. The Arctic melting and methane gas releases continues. Alaska is recording continual record highs and the storms the geo-engineers are steering and seeding are re-Arctifying but down into and through the Midwest and Eastern half of the United States all the way into the South East.

This is why California is dry, and will stay dry for the remainder of the “rainy season”. 

California has become a sacrifice zone to save the Arctic from melting. 

You’ll never hear anyone say this except for people like Mr. Wiggington who has been following our government’s secret weather modification programs for over a decade.

Please understand that weather modification has been admittedly going on since during the Vietnam War in the 1960′s by our government. (Source) 

If they wished to make it rain in California they could. 

Yet the geo-engineers are choosing not to and the only reason is because of the huge problem of the melting Arctic ice sheets and the planets rapid heating if methane gas pools continue to release in increasing amounts.

In China, some 560,000 manipulations of the weather have been conducted since 2002 using aircraft, rockets and projectiles carrying dry ice or silver iodide particles to stimulate rainfall, resulting with release of 490 billion tons of rain and saving about $10.4 billion in economic losses, the China Meteorological Association has reported. (Source)


China has also publicly announced a 500% increase in weather modification plans. Under a new national plan, which will run from 2013 to 2020, China plans to intervene with the weather by dividing the country into regions and setting up an interprovincial mechanism for weather control, said senior researcher of the Weather Modification Center under the China Meteorological Administration Yao Zhanyu, according to China Daily.

Each region will have an infrastructure and a command center for weather intervention, and programs for weather intervention will depend on the region. Particularly, programs in the northeastern, central, and southeastern areas will be used mainly to secure wheat harvest; the program for the northwestern area will focus on environmental protection; the program for the southwestern area will focus on helping with agriculture and hydropower operations; and the program for the north area will have water supplies in mind.

Corporations also regularly modify weather for increased snowfall in the mountains for ski areas and here in California by Pacific Gas and Electric to increase rainfall above their hydro-electric dams. (Source) 

As they have attempted to steer West Coast weather up to the far North this winter they are greatly failing miserably to re-winterize the Arctic. In fact they are accelerating the warming while flash freezing the Eastern half of the United States. The jet stream is pushing the artificially modified, chemically nucleated weather back down onto the Midwest and Eastern climes of North America causing the severe cold, intense freeze and snow that doesn’t melt.

Loss of Arctic sea ice is reducing the temperature gradient between the poles and the equator, thus causing the jet stream to slow and meander. One result is the creation of weather blocks such as the recent very high temperatures in Alaska. As a resultboreal peat dries and catches fire like a coal seam. The resulting soot enters the atmosphere to fall again, coating the ice surface elsewhere, thus reducing albedo and hastening the melting of ice.

As shown in this video, across the nation many are reporting snow that looks and feels different. It has tightly compacted crystals and, due to its nucleated chemicals, catches on fire and doesn’t melt. On North facing slopes where I live in Northern California near the ocean coast we have frost that doesn’t melt, even though temperatures reach 60+ degrees in the daytime.

Held over a hot stove, 7 minutes to ooze one drop of water
“Perhaps chemtrails is the most ignored government conspiracy crime of all time because it represents government and private corporations playing god with no rules and restrictions.
Perhaps this is truly part of the mother of all conspiracies which I believe is control of the planet.
Perhaps because it’s all tied and intertwined with the universal global warming lie and the subsequent climate change religion that the globalists need to continue pushing to usher in their all-important global carbon tax and global control grid to control all human activity in the name of the environment.
Perhaps it’s time to connect the dots between “sustainable” cities, Agenda 21, depopulation, and the new world order end game of mass global control of humanity.
Now that the government geo-engineers are admitting that chemtrailsspraying is real but that it is intended as a solution for global warming (which we knew all along was a lie), now we see the globalist connecting the dots for us. They seem poised to bring chemtrails into the spotlight when the time is right.” ~  Dane Wiggington


This past weekend I attended a conference that featured some of the foremost experts on government weather modification including the cited Dane Wiggington of

After a very frank and honest discussion about humanity’s fate they premiered the best documentary to date on the subject called “Look UP”.This documentary proves beyond a shadow of any doubt that we all are being used as a grand experiment while being bombarded with heavy toxic chemicals from overhead spraying which is causing such dramatic and quick changes to our weather.

Skyder Alert has even developed a new phone app so that citizens around the globe can photograph and post chemtrail spraying in their areas where they live. In just the past 7 months alone there have been over 7,000 photographs of sky painting across the planet posted so far.

Recently, David Keith, a government environmental scientists went on Colbert Report to “suggest” we start using Geo-engineering, when in fact they have been “sky painting” since the 1960′s.

Very soon our government will announce they must take drastic measures and begin weather modification to “Save the Planet” and the sheeple will willingly accept it because the weather has gotten so out of hand and “something must be done”.

Mr. Keith, setting the table so our misleaders can declare a national emergency and Geoengineering will go mainstream and public because too many of us are becoming awakened and aware because truth is in plane (sic) sight for anyone who wishes to see. (Note how Colbert and audience aren’t buying the B.S.)

HAARP Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX) platform

HAARP is the largest ionospheric heater in the world ~ capable of heating a 1000 square kilometer area of the ionosphere to over 50,000 degrees. It’s also a phased array.

Which means it’s steer-able and those waves can be directed to a selected target area.

What they have found is that by sending radio frequency energy up and focusing it, as they do with these kinds of instruments, it causes a heating effect.

And that heating literally lifts the ionosphere within a 30 mile diameter area therein changing localized pressure systems or perhaps the route of jet streams.

Moving a jet stream is a phenomenal event in terms of man’s ability to control nature, and there is no precedent for this huge attempt to play God with weather around the world.

This weapon of mass weather manipulation was brought into the world over a hundred years ago by Nikola Teslaand patented by Bernard Eastlund. (US PATENT #4,686,605 

Bernard Eastlund’s discoveries are innovative applications of the work of Tesla and Faraday. 

His plans to provide power on any spot on the planet,
to modify weather and eliminate drought, floods and hurricanes
was usurped by the US military to make a death ray. 

HAARP is a military project based on Eastlund’s discoveries. It is a difficult program to discuss technically with non-scientists and, as such, it has eluded the spotlight of the popular press. But for years now, conspiracy web sites and some credible scientific publications have questioned what’s going on and how messing with the ionosphere could be hurting the environment.

To make matters worse, HAARP has been maintained partially as a clandestine project, operated by the US Navy. The information that is made available to the public is carefully worded to make HAARP appear as a bland, harmless, unclassified, atmospheric research facility.

(For more information on HAARP technology see here:

What other species destroys its ownnest so unconsciously

and then, upon learning of its toxic actions,

increases its actions to accelerate its own destruction?

It is critical that we reach critical mass knowledge about our government’s secret weather modification programs as quickly as possible so that these programs can be halted immediately. We clearly have caused the planet’s natural weather systems to be greatly altered by anthropogenic means so the answer is STOP IT. Stop it all and begin a massive conservation effort at the grass-roots level.

We are the problem, yet the Geo-engineers are making it exponentially worse while sprayingheavy metal toxins over our waterways and on our soil we where our food is grown.

This is the greatest planet emergency humanity has ever faced yet we must leave Nature to her means and ways to rebalance and heal and stop trying to hit everything with our huge technological hammers because everything looks like a nail to science.

Mother Gaia will survive Man’s attempted technological remedies but like the days of Atlantis, Man might not survive Man’s own stupidity and avarice.

Only through each one of us speaking out, buying the DVD “Look UP” and hosting showings or sending and sending out relevant emails through our mass personal communication devices will we be able to stop the madness by the geoengineers.

You would think that by now our leaders would be asking the citizens to CONSERVE but the only “C” word we here is to consume towards everlasting endless growth to keep higher highs on Wall Street, damn the planet and our children’s future.

If we fail, the message is clear, our children have no future. And that is one hell of a legacy to leave this planet on our way out.

About the Author

Jamie Lee is the author of Tabu Blog, and a strong advocate of personal liberty and freedom from overbearing government.

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US Private Military Contractors in Ukraine?

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
US Private Military Contractors in Ukraine?
by Stephen Lendman

Reports suggest their presence in Eastern Ukraine. Perhaps Washington deployed Academi (formerly Xe Services/Blackwater USA) forces.

Jeremy Scahill’s book titled “Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army” described the organization.

He called it a “shadowy mercenary company (employing) some of the most feared professional killers in the world accustomed to operating without worry of legal consequences (and) largely off the congressional radar.”

It has “remarkable power and protection (within) the US war apparatus.” It’s well funded. It operates extrajudicially.
It’s unaccountable. It’s licensed to kill, terrorize, destroy and destabilize. It takes full advantage wherever its forces are deployed.

Other private military contractors operate the same way. They’re mercenaries. They’re well-paid. They’re well-trained. They’re guns for hire. More on them below
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Do Americans Face a Red Terror?

redterror.jpgWhen the Jews Were the Nazis
(and the Christians Were the Jews)

Speaking of Illuminati Jews, Winston Churchill wrote in 1920, “this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing…now at last this band … have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.” Illustrated Sunday Herald February 8, 1920.

“Why are communism’s victims forced to sit in the back of the holocaust bus?”

by James Perloff

The same Illuminati Jewish bankers responsible for the Bolshevik Revolution and the greatest mass murder in human history control the United States today.

Is America on the precipice of another “Red Terror”? There are some disturbing signs:

  •  Empowered by the “Patriot” Act, the Homeland Security Department could
    become a Cheka, and FEMA’s detention camps  a gulag
    archipelago. Last year the Department made headlines by ordering 1.6
    billion ammunition rounds – enough to kill every American five times. 
  • Edward Snowden’s revelations of NSA spying on everybody.
  •  Executive Order 13603 gives the President the power to take control of all national resources, public and private, and to impose martial law. 
  • NDAA 2014 gives the military the power to indefinitely detain American citizens without charge and without trial.
  • To facilitate enslavement, the Bolsheviks outlawed gun ownership. Their
    war on the people became “machine guns against pitchforks.” Although
    Americans aren’t disarmed yet, the pressure to ban weapons has never
    been greater, as staged “lone gunman shooting sprees” like Sandy Hook have increased. In general, false flag terrorism like 9-11 and Boston point to a general contempt for the public.

     • We aren’t razing churches yet, but the
media relentlessly demonize Christians while courts increasingly
suppress religious expression.
         The US military is trained to view Christians as extremists and terrorists.

None of this should surprise us: the Rothschild-Illuminist-Masonic network that ruled in 1917 still rules in 2014.

gulag7.jpg(left, four Jewish Gulag commandants make masonic sign)


In 1992, the newspaper Literaturnaya Rossiya estimated that, including starvation and civil war, Soviet communism left 147 million dead. Even accepting the more moderate claim of Harvard University Press’s Black Book of Communism – that communism murdered “only” 100 million worldwide – what these numbers represent is beyond comprehension. Stalin reportedly said: “One death is a tragedy; a million is a statistic.”

  •  By December 1917, the Bolsheviks established their instrument of terror, the Cheka (the KGB’s precursor). Lina writes: “Lists of those shot and otherwise executed were published in the Cheka’s weekly newspaper. In this way it can be proved that 1.7 million people were executed during the period 1918-19. A river of blood flowed through Russia. The Cheka had to employ body counters.” By contrast, under the czars, 467 people were executed between 1826 and 1904.
  • Trotsky declared: “We will reduce the Russian intelligentsia to a complete idiocy.” Lina writes: “1,695,604 people were executed from January 1921 to April 1922. Among these victims were bishops, professors, doctors, officers, policemen, gendarmes, lawyers, civil servants, journalists, writers, artists…” The Bolsheviks considered the intelligentsia the greatest threat to their dictatorship. This sheds light on the Marxist buzzword “proletariat.” The Illuminati knew nations are easier to enslave if only peasants and laborers remain. But even the proletariat wasn’t spared. The Cheka brutally suppressed hundreds of peasant uprisings and labor strikes, executing victims as “counter-revolutionaries.”
  •  Satanic torture often accompanied killings. Many priests were crucified. Some victims had eyes put out, or limbs chopped off, or were otherwise mutilated, while the next victims were forced to watch.
  • Although Russia had been “the world’s granary,” over five million died of starvation during the famine of 1921-22 . This wasn’t “socialist inefficiency,” but genocide from grain confiscation. In the Holodomor, Stalin murdered 7 million Ukrainians, including 3 million children, by ordering all foodstuffs confiscated as punishment for resisting farm collectivization. Communist brigades went house to house, ripping down walls with axes searching for “hoarded” food.
  •  In Soviet gulags (concentration camps) millions perished. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn estimated that, just during Stalin’s “great purge” of 1937-38, two million died in gulags.


lenin stalin.jpg• The Bolsheviks meanwhile lived royally. Lenin, who occupied Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrov’s estate, placed 75 million francs in a Swiss bank account in 1920. Trotsky, who lived in a castle seized from Prince Felix Yusupov, had over $80 million in U.S. bank accounts. Top Cheka officials ate off gold plates. Communism was plunder masked by ideological slogans. Money and jewelry were stripped from homes at gunpoint.

Lenin and Trotsky repaid their bankster masters. Jyri Lina writes: “In October 1918, Jewish bankers in Berlin received 47 cases of gold from Russia, containing 3125 kilos of gold.” The Grand Orient de France refurbished its Paris Lodge with money Lenin sent in 1919.  In New York, Kuhn, Loeb received, in the first half of 1921 alone, $102 million in Russian wealth.” (Under the Sign of the Scorpion, 278)

Bolsheviks were predominantly Jewish – unsurprising given the long linkage of cabalistic Jews to Freemasonry and revolution. I state this objectively, without anti-Semitism. I am half-Jewish; my paternal grandparents emigrated from Russia in 1904.

• In Les Derniers Jours des Romanofs (1920), Robert Wilton, The Times’s Russian correspondent, named each person in the Bolshevik government.

The tally:

Bolshevik Party Central Committee: of 12 members, 9 were Jews.
Council of People’s Commissars: 22 members, 17 Jews.
Central Executive Committee: 61 members, 41 Jews.                                                                   
Extraordinary Commission of Moscow: 36 members, 23 Jews.

  • In 1922, the Morning Post listed all 545 civil servants in the Soviet administration; 477 were Jews, 30 were ethnic Russians. “Russian” Revolution was a misnomer.
  • Leon Trotsky (real name Lev Bronstein) was a Ukrainian Jew. He introduced the cabalistic five-pointed star as the Red Army’s symbol. In New York, Trotsky belonged to B’nai B’rith – the Jewish Masonic order – as did his financial angel, Jacob Schiff. Juri Lina has unearthed evidence that Schiff ordered the murder of the Czar and royal family.
  • Under Lenin, anti-Semitism became a capital offense. The Bolsheviks destroyed 60,000 churches; many became latrines or museums of atheism. Yet Russia’s synagogues went untouched.
  • Jews dominated the Cheka. Lina lists 15 Jewish gulag commandants (Under the Sign of the Scorpion, p. 310). The Cheka targeted classes and ethnicities: the “bourgeoisie”; “kulaks” (landowning farmers); and Cossacks, whom the Central Committee declared “must be exterminated and physically disposed of, down to the last man.” They tried to eradicate Russian culture, renaming Petrograd and Tsaritsyn after the revolution’s psychopaths. In Ukraine, the Bolsheviks seized traditional national costumes. Obliterating nationalism is a precursor to the Illuminati world order.
  • Despite claims that Jewish dominance ended under Stalin, in 1937 17 of 27 Presidium members were still Jewish, and 115 of 133 Council of People’s Commissars. Stalin did turn against the Zionists in 1949, heavily persecuting Jews during 1952, after which he was poisoned.

From Hungary’s Bela Kun, to Germany’s Rosa Luxemburg, to America’s Rosenbergs (atomic spies), to Karl Marx himself, Jews were undeniably disproportionate among communists. This observation is not meant to stigmatize Jews. But why are communism’s victims forced to sit in the back of the holocaust bus?

Why are we constantly reminded of Kristallnacht, but never the Bolsheviks’ destroying 60,000 churches and murdering over 300,000 priests? 

Why was historian David Irving imprisoned for challenging the Shoah’s official version (“hate crime”), whereas New York Times correspondent Walter Duranty denied the Ukrainian Holocaust and received a Pulitzer Prize?

Why are no Ukrainian Anne Franks honored in films? They are all God’s children. The answer to these questions point to the already stated fact: the
political descendents of the people responsible for these atrocities, control the world today.

We need to hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. 

James Perloff  is author Truth Is a Lonely Warrior  an expose of the satanic drive for a new world order.

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