Manipulation + NLP Mastery + Body Language + Stoicism: Discover the Secrets of Dark Psychology: The Ultimate Guide to Explore the Secrets of the Mind: Explore the Secrets of the Mind

Do you desire to have an idea of what “NLP mastery” means? Do you have interest in knowing more about stoicism? Do you care to know what “manipulation” simply means? Do you desire to know “body language” entails? Do you want to know who a dark persuader is? This book… Continue reading

Confessions of an Illuminati Volume IV: American Renaissance 2.0 and the missing link from the Invisible World

Learn the secrets of what is really happening beyond the material realm in this complex society manipulated by the occult forces of St. Ignatius, also known as Jesuit spirituality.There is a world that escapes our reality but is at play in everything we do in our daily lives. This unseen… Continue reading

Methods of Persuasion: How to Use Psychology to Influence Human Behavior

Over 50,000 copies sold. Using principles from cognitive psychology, Nick Kolenda developed a unique way to subconsciously influence people’s thoughts. He developed a “mind reading” stage show depicting that phenomenon, and his demonstrations have been seen by over a million people across the globe. Methods of Persuasion reveals that secret… Continue reading