De-dollarization: The revolt against the dollar and the rise of a new financial world order

The dollar’s status as the world’s preeminent currency, together with the U.S. military, has underlain American power since World War II. In a sweeping review of one of the most seminal yet least noticed developments in international affairs, Gal Luft and Anne Korin describe how an emerging coalition of revisionist… Continue reading

Motivational Imperative: How The Largest Idea You Can Think Will Revolutionize Your Life From The Inside Out

There are people who are comfortable and satisfied with their present station in life, and the circumstances that surround them. There are also others who–knowing that their lives are short–are frantic, even desperate, to live fuller, more intense and accomplished lives. Motivational Imperative speaks directly to this second, self-selecting group… Continue reading

The Complete Apocrypha: 2018 Edition with Enoch, Jasher, and Jubilees

THE NEW, LITERAL, EASY-TO-READ, DEFINITIVE COLLECTION OF CHRISTIAN APOCRYPHAL BOOKS:***NOW WITH IMPROVED FONT SIZE, BOOK INTROS, AND BOOK HEADERS ON EVERY PAGE*** All 12 Christian apocryphal books + Enoch, Jasher, and Jubilees + All of the apocryphal additions to Daniel, Esther, and Psalms—17 books in one The complete collection in… Continue reading

Dark Psychology Secrets: The Beginner’s Guide to Learn Covert Emotional Manipulation, NLP, Mind Control, Deception, and Brainwashing. Discover the Art of Reading People and Influence Human Behavior

If do you want to learn easy how to use Dark Psychology to get what you really want from people without them even knowing it, or if you want to learn to defend yourself against mental manipulation, then keep reading… By reading this book, you will learn the secrets the people… Continue reading

THE EXACT HEALTH DIAGNOSIS IS EQUAL TO THE EXACT TREATMENT: Clairvoyant/Psychic Health Diagnoses to : Donald Trump, Presidential Candidates for US … , Politicians, Bilderberg Group members…

Table of Contents :What is the most important about the Candidates for US Election 2020 – this is the Health, the money, business and their families – the information about them. In this book We are showing to You their health and how it will affect their campaign for US… Continue reading