Can't Find Toilet Paper? Here Are 12 Alternatives to TP

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News Story Source: Organic Prepper – OP Staff Writers
The Holy Grail in America right now is toilet paper.

Maybe it's because in many towns and cities across the nation, spying a 12-pack – or even, goal of all goals, a lonely 24-pack sitting angled on an otherwise empty shelf is recently akin to finding a gold nugget while wading in a creek.

So what's a person to do when their precious supply of toilet paper runs out? Desperate times call for desperate solutions. We've got you covered with 12 alternatives to toilet paper for people on a budget.

1. Bidet

A bidet is a water spraying device, designed to clean what toilet paper is intended to. In some countries, they are abundant and common, namely in Europe.

In this TP-deprived climate, articles are being published alleging to help people fix ghetto-rigged bidets. However, they are really just advertising bidets for purchase, in the $20 – $60 range. If this sounds favorable to you, you might want to get one before supplies run short.

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