Cancer: Coming to You or a Family Member, or Friend

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Opinion Column by Frosty Wooldridge
This summer on my journey through 40 states on my bike, I saw a lot of America.  I talked to countless Americans along the way.  I saw things that disturbed me, even upset me and forever rendered me sober as to the challenges Americans face in the 21st century.

I saw chemical-spewing airplanes spraying poisons across thousands of acres of crops.  I saw tractors spraying poisons upon endless fields of the foods we eat.  I saw signs on corn fields showing the Genetically Modified Organism filled with artificial DNA at the hands of blind, stupid and greedy crop scientists—from Monsanto and Bayer. 

Jane Goodall, the famous primate specialist said, "Humans will look back on the 21stcentury, shake their heads, and wonder why they sprayed, injected and covered their food with chemicals."  

We might also add, "Why did we do it to ourselves? Why did we allow our FDA and other agencies be bought off to allow the po
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