Camp Algiers: The US Internment Camp America Erased from History That Held Nazis & Jews

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News Story Source:, by Rachel Blevins
Advocates of freedom will argue that free speech extends to all, no matter how abhorrent their beliefs—but to truly see the reality of what occurs when groups are targeted for their suspected beliefs, just look at history.

After the Pearl Harbor attack occurred on Dec. 7, 1941, tens of thousands of Japanese Americans were forced into internment camps, based solely on their heritage. The Roosevelt Administration did not stop there, and a significant portion of its wrath was carried out in another camp that is not mentioned in most history textbooks: Camp Algiers.

Camp Algiers was located in New Orleans, and while it was labeled as an internment camp for Nazi sympathizers from Latin America, a large percentage of the detainees were Jewish. The camp's legacy was detailed in a report by WWNO, New Orleans Public Radio.

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