California Teachers Deliver Abysmal Performance Compared To Other States

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News Story Source:, by Grace Carr
A new 2017 survey on teacher effectiveness shows that California teachers are delivering grades just shy of failing. The survey ranked America's most populous states in teacher preparedness, and California came in multiple letter grades below its companion states according to the 2017 State Teacher Policy Yearbook the Santa Cruz Sentinel reports.

Florida earned a B+, New York a B, Texas a B-, Pennsylvania a C, and California a D-. California also ranks below 31 other public school systems.

The National Council on Teacher Quality's 2017 survey sought to evaluate states on their levels of teacher aptitude and preparedness, taking into consideration myriad factors — like compensation — that lead to successful or poor teaching.

The council analyzed nine policy areas in its evaluation of every state in order to obtain its results. California earned a failing grade in hiring, teacher and principal evaluation, and ability to keep good teachers.&nbsp
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