Cali Student Busts Professor Who Said Cops “Need To Be Killed”

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UC-Davis English Professor Joshua Clover, in tweets on his now private Twitter account, reportedly wrote, "I am thankful that every living cop will one day be dead, some by their own hand, some by others, too many of old age #letsnotmakemore." A separate tweet from Clover just one month later reportedly read, "I mean, it's easier to shoot cops when their backs are turned, no?"

During an interview in 2015 interview with, Clover said, "People think that cops need to be reformed. They need to be killed.

"Those comments had gone largely forgotten until the recent fatal shooting of Davis police officer Natalie Corona prompted one UC-Davis student to do a little digging on one particular professor who he had heard had a track record of making anti-law enforcement comments. Sure enough, the student's research paid off. He wrote an op-ed in the student newspaper, The Aggie, explaining h
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