BuzzFeed Journalists Unionize Following Layoffs As Doubts Grow Over CEO Jonah Peretti

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News Story Source: by Tyler Durdan
An "overwhelming majority" of the employees were in favor of joining NewsGuild, a labor union that's part of the Communications Workers of America, according to the report, citing an anonymous source. 

BuzzFeed slashed 15% of its headcount last month, eliminating key components of its newsroom including the national desk and the health desk. Shortly after the layoffs, employees took to social media as shock turned to anger – with fired workers demanding that the company pay them for vested vacation and sick time. BuzzFeed management eventually relented. 

"We want to remain spry and competitive, but we reject the argument that we must choose between freelancing in a hellscape gig economy for vampirical platforms or submitting to the whims of a corporation that botches basic HR tasks," said the BuzzFeed News Union in a statement. 

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