“BURN IT DOWN!” – Anti-Lockdown RIOTS Lead To Covid Testing Facility Being TORCHED In Neth

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News Story Source: World Alternative Media – Josh Sigurdson – Bitchut

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news out of the Netherlands as thousands take to the streets to demand an end to lockdowns and curfews as the massive infringement of basic freedoms interfere with not just basic quality of life, but also the ability for people to work and feed their families as we've seen skyrocketing poverty rates in the past year.

A group of protesters set a covid testing facility on fire during the riots in the Netherlands which also involved hundreds of arrests.

Meanwhile in Denmark, people continue to protest in the streets and demand an end to lockdowns as well. In Italy, tens of thousands of restaurants are opening against lockdown orders. Something big is happening in Europe, but unfortunately, very little vocal and physical opposition is happening in the United States.

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