Brittany Murphy Conspiracy Theory

UPDATE 17NOV2013: It appears that PerezHilton has posted up some sort of claim that Murphy and her husband were killed via rat poison. Here’s what it says:

Well, Brit’s dad, Angelo Bertolotti, never believed that explanation, and obtained his own blood, hair, and tissue samples to get tested by an outside lab.

Sharon Murphy, the actress’s mom, has been saying that her daughter died from mold in their home, and the lab results may have confirmed that! The report read:

“Ten (10) of the heavy metals evaluated were detected at levels higher that the WHO [The World Health Organization] high levels. Testing the hair strand sample identified as “back of the head” we have detected ten (10) heavy metals at levels above the WHO high levels recommendation. If we were to eliminate the possibility of a simultaneous accidental heavy metals exposure to the sample donor then the only logical explanation would be an exposure to these metals (toxins) administered by a third party perpetrator with likely criminal intent.”

W-O-A-H! They could have been poisoned?!?

Apparently, the levels of heavy metals in Brittany’s hair were at a level so high that it could have been from ingesting rat poison!

Both the actress and her hubby had the same symptoms a person with rat poisoning has, like headaches, dizziness, and disorientation.


Original Post from 26OCT2012:

Something has always seemed a bit odd about Brittany Murphy’s death. She was 32 years old and dropped dead at her house due to “pneumonia” and “drug interactions.” This in itself is odd, but couple that with the fact that her husband, Simon Monjack (age 40) died five months later in the house, with “pneumonia,” just like Brittany. Now ask yourself what the odds of that happening are; two young adults die within months of each other from the same thing. Monjack’s death was initially called “natural causes,” even though he was only 40 years old. Monjack was also on record discussing a secret Hollywood group (Illuminati) that was out to destroy Brittany’s career. ran an article in 2011 where a friend of the family, Alex Ben Block discusses what happened in the days following Brittany’s death. In it he talks about his interview with Brittany’s husband just days after her death:

“Simon wanted the book because he was convinced — before the autopsy report on Brittany came back — that she had literally died of a broken heart caused by the shoddy way she had been treated in Hollywood. He wanted to expose the studios, producers and talent reps he believed had used rumor and innuendo — about her alleged lateness, inability to remember lines, drug use and partying — to destroy her career.”

“Simon believed there had been a conspiracy against her among former agents and managers. That was a major motivation to move away from Hollywood.

“It wasn’t about the money,” he told me. “She wasn’t going, ‘Oh, I’m not being offered $10 million to do a movie.’ It was: ‘I’m not getting offered anything where I can really show what I can do. I can sing. I can dance. I can do all these things I was put on Earth to show the world,’ and somehow she was being blocked from doing it.”

The irony, Simon insisted, was that Brittany literally could not do drugs. In her early teens, she had been diagnosed with a heart murmur, so Brittany knew illegal drugs could endanger her life. That fear, Sharon said, that made it impossible for Brittany to use cocaine or stimulants”

Granted, the article later goes on to talk about how Murphy and her husband would practice their own version of holistic medicine by taking whatever drugs they felt were appropriate. The article even claims that Simon used paranoia about Hollywood to control Brittany, so it’s tough to say what’s really going on.

“It turned out to be one of the few times we saw them in the next two years. Simon, as many of Brittany’s family members and friends came to believe, had created a web of paranoia around Brittany and used it to separate her from anyone who might have challenged his dominance. Simon even told terrible tales about his mother, apparently to keep her from telling Brittany and Sharon the truth about him. Linda Monjack says she met her daughter-in-law only once, at dinner in New York in 2007. But Simon communicated with his mother by phone and e-mail nearly every day.”

Filmmaker Asif Akbar has two films that talk about Brittany Murphy’s death and a new conspiracy theory surrounding it. The first film, Top Priority: The Terror Within, shows that Murphy was friends with a whistleblower who the TSA allegedly retaliated against.

“Federal officer with the Department of Homeland Security discovers a national security breach related to the entry of 23 aliens from terrorist countries into the United States. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner, former head of the DEA Robert Bonner can’t afford any more media scrutiny, since his incompetence was already exposed in the NASA ‘Challenger’ disaster. To avoid the scandal, the full might of the government is unleashed against Julia Davis, her family and witnesses. This retaliation reaches the unprecedented magnitude, including four unexplained deaths, Hollywood and the Mafia, false imprisonments and the use of helicopters and airplanes for warrantless surveillance. Amidst many shocking revelations, this documentary provides a new insight into the deaths of well-known Hollywood figures unwittingly dragged into this scandal. The truth is no longer a secret.”

There’s also a second film in the works, solely about Brittany, called ‘Britt’ and this one has the same filmmaker (Akbar), so perhaps it will give us more information.
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