Britons who test negative for Covid should wear paper wristbands to show they don’t have the vir

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News Story Source: Daily Mail
Brits who test negative for coronavirus should be told to wear paper wristbands to show they do not have the virus, Government advisers have said.

The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) — also known as Number 10's nudge unit — said the bands could act as an 'incentive' for people to get tested.

The Queen and senior figures of the royal family should also be recruited to promote testing in the UK, the team said in a report.

They made the recommendations ahead of the roll out of 'Operation Moonshot' mass testing to almost 70 authorities in the UK, after a pilot was launched in Liverpool last week with the backing of the British Army.

BIT members were sent to Slovakia to watch the country roll out its own mass testing programme, which saw 3.4million residents swabbed in one weekend. Those who tested negative were given a paper certificate and told they no longer had to follow restrictions ordering them to stay home.

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