BREAKING: Patrick Byrne, former CEO of, claims that he was complicit in

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News Story Source: Twitter – Rothbard

BREAKING: @PatrickByrne, former CEO of, claims that he was complicit in facilitating a bribe for Hillary Clinton in the amount of $18M [on behalf of the FBI] in January, 2016. The bribe, which she accepted, was then going to be used by members of the Obama
— Murray ???????? (@Rothbard1776) December 15, 2020

2/ administration against Hillary after she was elected. As it was later explained to him, "President Obama has his people across the federal bureaucracy at this point, but especially at the Department of Justice. Hillary Clinton is going to be President for 8 years and nothing
— Murray ???????? (@Rothbard1776) December 15, 2020

3/ is going to change that, but think of there being a Bunsen burner within the DOJ. That evidence about the [2] bribes you were a part of gathering is going to be sitting on the Bunsen burner. The hand sitting on the burner is going to be one of Barack Obama's people.

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