Breaking News! Another School Shooting-Stopped by Armed Guard-Liberal…

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News Story Source: Dave Hodges
There has been another terrible tragedy involving a school shooting. We can only pray that everyone that is injured will fully recover and that a parent's worst nightmare is not realized.

As this crisis unfolds, it is important to look at how the liberal media is using this tragic event to support their objective of gun confiscation, while completely ignoring how the crisis was "contained".

First, let's look at the opposition media beginning with CNN:

A Maryland high school is on lockdown after reports of a shooting. Both CNN and MSNBC were reporting that the shooting took place at Great Mills High School in Great Mills, Maryland. MSNBC reported multiple injuries, including some critical, and that parents and guardians were being asked by local police to stay away from the school for now.

The event is described as "contained" by the school district.

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