Brave Cop Arrested for Exposing Officers Suffocating Man, Shoving Baton in His Mouth Until He Died

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News Story Source:, Matt Agorist
He watched a video of his fellow officers appear to suffocate a man until he died and decided that enough was enough.

For exposing the crimes of his fellow cops, Esqueda was arrested this week and charged with official misconduct for the "crime" of exposing criminal activity within his own department.

The complaint states that on June 10, Esqueda "knowingly performed an act with (sic) he knew to be forbidden by law to perform in that he used the laptop in his Joliet Police Department squad car while not on duty to access the Joliet Police Department WatchGuard system to view a video file which was locked and he did so while in a motor vehicle which passed through Kendall County. All of the foregoing occurred in Kendall County, Illinois."

Joliet Police Chief Al Roechner orchestrated criminal charges against Esqueda after he brought shame on the department in July for leaking the video.

"What is most sad about this is that this is a clear message from
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