Blueberries the new antidepressants? Plant nutrients found to protect "happy hormones" …

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(Natural News) One in every seven women will suffer from postpartum depression. Mental health groups warn that even women who are not diagnosed with the condition may still experience minor mood swings known as the "baby blues." Current studies point to the physiological links between hormones and the onset of certain mental disorders such as depression and anxiety, which may be linked to post-birth nutritional deficiencies.

A new study suggests that eating blueberries, or taking blueberry supplements, immediately and consistently after birth can significantly reduce the risk of developing postpartum depression or even the less severe post-natal blues. Amino acids found in the berry have been studied to manage mood and compensate for hormonal changes.

A Life Born, A Mood Changed

Pregnancy signifies dramatic shifts in hormone production. These bodily changes are necessary for the mother to carry her child and for the baby to gestate properly. Hormone fluctuations are
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