'Blackmail' fails? Twitter makes about-face & unfreezes New York Post account…

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News Story Source: https://www.rt.com
Twitter has again altered its "hacked materials" policy, reversing a decision to lock the New York Post out of its account over tweets promoting a controversial report about the business dealings of the Biden family.

The company said on Friday that it would overturn a prior move to lock the Post out of its handle, dropping its demand that the newspaper remove the offending tweet while calling the decision "fair and appropriate."

"Our policies are living documents. We're willing to update and adjust them when we encounter new scenarios or receive important feedback from the public," the company said in a series of tweets. "One such example is the recent change to our Hacked Materials Policy and its impact on accounts like the New York Post."

While Twitter had already updated its policies on "hacked materials" and scrapped an outright ban on the Post story – allegedly sourced from Hunter Biden&#
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