‘Bitcoin Is the Biggest Jailbreak in Human History,’ Says Philosopher Stefan Molyneux

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News Story Source: https://news.bitcoin.com, by Jamie Redman
Molyneux's recent speech describes the liberating potential bitcoin could bring to the masses and how the crypto network has the ability to change humanity for the better.

'Bitcoin Is a Currency That Serves the People at the Expense of the Parasites'

Just recently the crypto evangelist and philosopher, Stefan Molyneux, spoke about the Bitcoin blockchain in great detail. Molyneux opened his speech by answering a question about BTC and ETH having a hard time scaling. The Freedomain radio host said that it is good to critique, but that people in the crypto space wouldn't give up so easily.

Molyneux mentioned that bitcoin's market capitalization just crossed the trillion-dollar milestone and noted that the people who have added that value won't throw in the towel. He insisted that many crypto proponents have given a decade of their lives toward spreading adoption, and mentioned there are solutions like bitcoin cash (BCH) and the Lightning Network.

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