Bitcoin.Com Sprint Car – Cash is King!

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Feature Article by Donna Hancock
Here are some picture of the Bitcoin.Com 'Cash is King' Sprint Car…

Pictures from race on March 3rd, 2018:

Pictures from race on February 24th, 2018 (non-wing race):


Here is the 2018 Race Schedule – if you are in the area, go support and cheer the Bitcoin.Com Mini Sprint Car!


Article in Bitcoin.Com:

Meet the Bitcoin Cash Hyper Mini-Sprint Car


Just recently spoke with Corsair Hancock, a mini-sprint driver who decided to rebuild his 2007 Hyper Chassis into a – Bitcoin Cash mini-sprint racer.

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Bitcoin Cash Is King

Corsair is also the son of the Freedom Phoenix radio-show host and libertarian activist Ernest Hancock. While racing at 23 races in Phoenix, and a few other bigger races in Calif
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