Bitcoin CEO commits suicide- Illuminati sacrifice?

Not a month after I posted about the Illuminati trying to shut down Bitcoin did the CEO of the virtual currency exchange First Meta, Autumn Radtke commit suicide. Of course, it seems she was under tremendous stress and this is just a byproduct of the dog-eat-dog capitalistic nature of the financial industry, but then again, maybe not.

The Bitcoin currency has been a hot topic in conspiracy theorist circles due to its supposed ability to derail the Illuminati-backed Federal Reserve (allegedly the Illuminati own the banking industries, who make profits from the money printed and also through other Fed Reserve policies). The CEO of Bitcoin was arrested recently and it caused a huge fallout, along with the hacking of the Japanese Mt. Gox exchange. In that Illuminati trying to shut down Bitcoin post I discussed some of the peculiarities around this Bitcoin situation and CEO Charlie Shrem’s arrest:

We all know there is a conspiracy brewing, and nobody is more convinced of this than Shrem himself:

BitInstant’s website was down Monday after the announcement by federal law enforcement.

Several lawmakers have called for increased regulation of Bitcoin in light of the currency’s heightened privacy, given that they can be traded without using names and are difficult to trace to an individuals.

During an interview with Russian media news group RT last year, Shrem called the current financial regulations “crazy.”

“They’re throwing me under the bus,” he said of the U.S. government. “They don’t like us.”

So what do you think? Is the Fed Reserve trying to close down this little scheme? We’ve seen Bitcoin pop up in conspiracy theories like Paul Walker’s death:

Some are claiming he was a huge proponent and investor in Bitcoin (with the unsubstantiated claim that he invested over $40M; which the Bitcoin has its own ties to the underground Silk Road or Deep Web with assassins trading Bitcoins and services).

Shrem even implied that shady business was going down around Bitcoin yesterday (ironic timing huh?…). From Forbes:

In a speech to the Texas Bitcoin conference in Austin Wednesday, Shrem accused prosecutors of pursuing him for political purposes: a desire to control Bitcoin and fear of how it could shift economic power. He spoke via Skype from his parents’ home in Brooklyn, New York, where he’s being held under house arrest.

In his speech, he compared Bitcoin to the printing press, arguing that just as governments and the Church opposed the democratizing effects of the first widely available books, financial and banking incumbents see the potential for Bitcoin to disassemble their control of the economy. A transcript of his speech, which he says he adapted from a 2006 address by Pirate Party leader Rick Falvinge, was published in full on Falkvinge’s website. “This is something completely new in the history of human communication and Bitcoin is one of the largest socio-economic experiments human kind has ever seen,” Shrem said.

Getting back to the current topic, the NYPost wrote about the tragic passing of Autumn Radtke:

“Everything has its price,” Radtke, 28, said in commenting on an Inc. magazine essay she posted online titled ‘‘The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship.”

So most likely this is just a breakdown of the stresses of being the CEO of a large financial company, but the article goes to allude to something shady:

Radtke ran a Singapore-based virtual-currency company at a time when the region was discouraging digital-currency exchanges.

Her death came amid a run of bad news for the Bitcoin virtual currency, largest of all the collapse of Japan’s Mt. Gox exchange, and the disappearance of $400 million from its account.

Regulators and law enforcement have become increasingly aggressive in investigating Bitcoin and related exchanges.

On the day that Radtke was discovered in her Singapore apartment, Vietnam’s communist government said trading in bitcoin and other electronic currencies is illegal, and warned its citizens not to use or invest in them.

Late last year, China banned its banks and payment systems from handling bitcoin. Thailand earlier put a blanket ban on its use.

I thought I’d float the idea out there and see what the conspiracy community thinks, so feel free to fire off a comment.

RIP Autumn Radtke

Bitcoin CEO Autumn Radtke

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