Bitcoin Bounce Continues, Shiller Says Cryptos “Could Be With Us Forever”

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News Story Source:, By Tyler Durden
Bitcoin is up over 20% in the last few days, testing up to its 50-day moving-average…

FundStrat's Tom Lee offers some perspective on the current trend in cryptos compared to the 2013-2015 Bitcoin bear market…

The 90% decline, which lasted 405 days, took prices back to Oct 2013, or 1 month prior to Nov 2013 peak.  From Oct '13->Nov '13, BTC gained 621% in a month. That year-long decline was a rollback of 1 month of gains.

And the current slide…

Where was Bitcoin 1 month prior to ~$20,000 top? $5,900.  

In other words, BTC this year rolled-back prices similar to what happened in 2014/15. 

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