Birds of a Feather…


It just so happens this one was next after the last couple which concentrated on men and women’s relationship. But, GOD is awesome in HIS direction because HE knew someone would need this! There are people are are having frustrations and this is how GOD wants you to look at it…

Birds of a Feather…
I admire the Creator, and as amazing as HE is…HIS creations are amazing too. I was waiting for the doctor to come into the room because my husband just had neck surgery and he was having his first checkup since leaving the hospital, and too my right as I looked out the window I saw a flock of birds. Winging at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour, an entire flock of birds can make hairpin turns in an instant. Beautiful in their symmetry as they flew and then they turned to veer in another direction and I caught a glimpse of the underbelly of each one. White feathers brilliantly standing out opposed to their darker feathers.
And although that was amazing in itself, as they sat perched then a sound startled them into flight. Suddenly witnessing the flock as a whole speed off into the skies, then returning into the same direction they came but the oddity which I found in the whole experience was the fact they they can do this without verbal communication.


The subject of mystical concepts such as natural telepathy come to mind, but do how do they react so collectively…is it a collective thinking practice?
Pelicans, geese, and other waterfowl form lines and Vs, presumably to take advantage of aerodynamic factors that save energy, but the most impressive are those that often fly at speeds of 40 miles or more per hour, and in a dense group the space between them may be only a bit more than their body length. Yet they can make astonishingly sharp turns that appear, to the unaided eye, to be conducted entirely in unison. Imagine doing unrehearsed evasive maneuvers in concert with all the other fast-moving drivers around you on an expressway, and you get an idea of the difficulty involved.
We can watch a airshow of planes and one wrong maneuver and it’s all over! Sadly, one wrong move and it can be fatal. Is the same true for birds? According to scientists, it’s called the “selfish herd” phenomenon. When a predator approaches a flock, all the individuals in the group move toward the safest place—namely, the middle of the group—in order to reduce the chances of being captured.
“As they approach the roosts, the starlings are regularly attacked by falcons and display amazing flocking behaviors,” says Rachel Carere. “They compact and decompact, split and merge, form ‘terror waves’ ”—pulses that move away from an approaching falcon in a split second. “This is something that by sight is fantastic, like Indian smoke signals.”
But what about the communication factor?
“I think it’s acoustic and visual,” says Carere, “but the exact way it works no one knows.” He suggests that a starling may even use the tactile sense of onrushing air from close neighbors to help guide its direction. Clearly, there’s a lot still to be learned from these most mundane of birds.
Well, I personally believe GOD made us the same. Sounds nuts, right?
Let me explain.


In the past couple of years, I have noticed a surge of people leaving comments on my forum and many others about the ‘sense of quickening’ taking place. Sure, down through history, even the disciples thought they were living in the ‘end days’…but I think Jesus Christ wants everyone to feel like tomorrow could be the day…each and every day! But, the trend in people announcing that they have this sense of ‘something coming’…is growing.
Some people like scientists are scratching their heads, say that they were shocked to discover that their measurements indicate the expansion of the universe is actually increasing. Rather than slowing down, as their “Big Bang” theory postulated, astronomers were stunned to learn that the expansion appears to be accelerating. But, the Bible which is GOD’S Word…states that HE spreads out the heavens! (Job 9:8) So, in so much as this is no surprise to a Believer, a scientist usually does not believe that GOD exists.
However, it is interesting that secular scientists have determined that the universe which is comprised of time, space, energy and matter, is expanding at an ever-increasing rate. So, wouldn’t this also suggest that TIME would be speeding up?


My mother once told me that the older you get the faster time flies. And I’ve always thought this to be true, but are we at a time when GOD is shortening the days? It does state in the Bible by none other than Jesus Christ that “And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened”. (Matthew 24:22) It’s no secret that knowledge is also increasing too. Daniel 12:4: But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.” We are literally witnessing an EXPLOSION of knowledge. No doubt. With the advent to the computer, and the internet, it is estimated that our cumulative knowledge is doubling every five years. This accelerated speed would have knocked the socks off of the disciples! Wait..were there socks back then…LOL. I digress.
So, with the increase in the world’s technological atmosphere, is this related to the ‘quickening response’ we are feeling? And like the birds, and even fish…and other animals who work in unison…are we spiritually working in unison? And if so, what does this tell us about the behavior of animals as it relates to us. Are they feeling such responses? Some don’t believe animals have souls…well, I do! And it begs to question is their spirit calling out?


And this too begs to be asked…what about the followers of Satan? Are they emotionally feeling the “Selfish Herd” syndrome? Perfect name for that crowd, right! Is this why we are witnessing a surge of demonic activity? Noticing this with the media publishing the articles on ‘Satanic Churches” popping up everywhere…may be a clue.

Also, we must learn to love one another as Jesus Christ loves us but also to keep away from the flock who are sinning. Their feathers reveal their fruits….by that I mean behavior. So, not to sound bias but we need to help each other but remind ourselves that sin can and does rub off on you if you run with the wrong crowd.


Is GOD calling out to you? Are you serving your King? Jesus Christ died for YOU! And in this whole wide world, there is no such love that exists that parallels the one between us and Him! Man cannot give unconditional love, only Him! Did you know that? He’s calling you….are you going to answer?

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