Bill Weld Shrugs off #NeverTrump’s Cold Shoulder

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This week, Republicans for the Rule of Law, a project launched by Defending Democracy Together, the anti-Trump, center-right 501(c)(4) headed up by veteran Washington commentator/schemer Bill Kristol, has been running a commercial on Fox in the D.C. media market pointedly reminding congressional Republicans such as Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham of their vanishing opposition to executive branch overreach. "It's a pretty grim day for those of us trying to keep hope alive for the GOP," Kristol tweeted yesterday, after only a handful of Republicans voted against President Donald Trump's declaration of a national emergency at the southern border.

Meanwhile in The Bulwark, which Kristol founded, Publisher Sarah Longwell defended the site's preoccupation with finding a GOP challenger to the incumbent president. "I want the Republican party to have a future after Trump," Longwell wrote, "and I think that the best way to achieve that is for a serious conser
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